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With each COPIA coaching session I feel that I am becoming more of who I am…this experience has been immensely liberating for me. Thank you so much.

Mary Jane Patterson FellowDistrict of Columbia Public Schools

Wonderful day with COPIA facilitators–achieved all expectations. Plus, I got to learn something about my colleagues and myself. Love working with professionals.

Intelligence Community client

Working with COPIA, my thinking has been challenged with pushes toward articulating greater clarity in regards to my own needs. . . I have never experienced a period when I felt more grounded while also being excited about future possibilities.

Greg Duncan – Managing Director, Talam Leadership
Jan has helped transform my life in the most profound ways, used my core essence to help me find light and get in touch with what was authentic and what wasn’t – all through a phone 250 miles away. The impact on my individual sense of self and relationships with others professionally is astounding.
Wendy ChaiteFounder and former Executive Director of the lymphatic research and education foundation

Susan helped me to see how my career and personal life can and must complement each other in wonderful ways. She gave me the tools to continue working on my own to achieve the cross-pollination of my professional and personal goals.

Melissa SaundersIntelligence Analyst, CACI

After working on my 360 feedback with COPIA, I have a comprehensive understanding of how I am viewed by others – my strengths and my weaknesses. But more importantly, I have an understanding of what they need from me to be more effective, and how I need to alter my behavior to become a more effective manager for others.  I now have regular discussions with individuals on my team on the most effective way for me to interact with them.

Senior Intelligence Official

COPIA has been an invaluable partner in the development of our Fellows. Thanks to the COPIA team, Fellows learn first-hand the power of listening, the importance of a well-timed question, and the impact of knowing yourself and building trust with your team. . . They model excellence, they push our practitioners, they are responsive to our individual and collective needs, and – most of all – they engage in the Patterson Fellowship as a true partner, fully committed to seeing that we achieve our goals and celebrating with us when we do.

Scott GuggenheimerLeadership Developer, DCPS

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